Travelling equipment inspection, repair and service in accordance with API RP-8B

Your travelling equipment is the lynch pin of your primary load path. Proper maintenance involves carrying out regular inspection – Category I, Category II, Category III & Category IV. Potentsialoil is your travelling equipment technical authority and certifying body. We provide onsite inspections, repairs and full five yearly recertification including all associated parts. We also provide ongoing condition assessment and monitoring.

We carry out on site Category III 6-monthly inspections, observing your equipment during operation and look for cracks, loose fits or connections, elongation of parts and other signs of wear, corrosion, overloading or improper lubrication. We’ll inspect sheave grooves and NDT accessible surfaces, reporting any findings outside manufacturers allowable tolerances for correction.

We support our customers with complete Category IV 5 yearly recertification of their travelling equipment where all equipment is completely disassembled, blasted clean, then visual, dimensional and NDT inspected. Machining and welding repairs are made where necessary by Potentsialoil API Q2 qualified facilities. The equipment is then reassembled, reinstalled and commissioned.

Our ongoing condition assessment and monitoring accommodates clients Category I daily inspection and Category II weekly inspection needs, for signs of wear in operation.

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