GX Series- Compact Modular Platform

The industry’s most flexible open compact modular solution, configurable as a transponder, switchponder, and OLS in one chassis. With 300-mm and 600-mm chassis, the GX Series can be optimized for virtually any application, from DCI and metro to long-haul and subsea, and seamlessly supports multiple generations of optical engines from 200G through 2.4T (2 x 1.2T per wavelength).

Leading configuration flexibility

Modular sled-based architecture with integrated optical line system capabilities enables optimized support for numerous network applications.

Density, scalability, and efficiency

Save on CapEx and OpEx with a solution that provides terabits of DWDM line capacity in small form factors with industry-leading power consumption and pay-as-you-grow modular design.

Leading programmability and performance

Supports up to 800G per wavelength to deliver cost-optimized optical reach in metro and long-haul applications, and enables rapid capacity increases as cloud traffic grows.

Open networking

Supports deployments over virtually any optical line system, ensuring that network operators always have access to best-of-breed solutions. Native standard open API’s ensures fast and simplified network integration.

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