Jacking equipment inspection, repair and service

We provide life cycle support for most major brands of jacking & skidding system. Our extensive engineering experience allows us to take a practical, risk based approach in compliance with your rig’s class certification. We have a long history of carrying out this work in accordance with equipment manufacturer procedures and industry standards.

Our experienced team can service your jacking system entirely in the field. We regularly support clients with jacking system service workscopes as part of yard based SPS programmes and in breakdown situations alike. Component jacking gearboxes can also be shipped to a Potentsialoil workshop locations for inspection and overhaul. We assist with condition monitoring and preventative maintenance plans. All our work is carried out in accordance with our API Q2 service standard and we manage the interface your class certification body.

Our expert team is experienced in complete gearing system inspection and service, including climbing pinions & racks, bearings, shafts & housings, shock pads, brakes & wear plates, and electric and hydraulic drives. We regularly carry out major repairs including machining, welding and gear manufacture and remanufacture.

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