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Pipe racking system maintenance can often be some of the most challenging on a rig. Potentsialoil supports with expert inspection, repair and service. Our experience, proprietary work instructions, mechanical focus and controls system capabilities make us your ideal pipe racking system maintenance partner.

We’ll visit your rig and complete a thorough inspection. This will include a function test, checking for unusual movements, vibration, noises and abnormal operating temperatures. We’ll carry out limited disassembly inspection, including visual and NDT inspection. We’ll collate and analyse our findings, providing you with a complete condition assessment report, including our recommendations.

Our approach prioritises as much on site repair and service as possible. Typical service workscopes might include overhaul of the drive assembly, track assembly, column assembly, carriage assembly, claws, jaws and manifolds. Potentsialoil provides all of the expertise you need, covering reinstallation, controls troubleshooting and commissioning. We also provide condition monitoring and ongoing condition assessment.

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